Our Story

{ Dad and I }

What's in a name?

Everyone asks me..."Where did the name come from?"
When I was a small girl, my favorite show to watch was Beany and Cecil - the puppet show...( I know...I am showing my age...hehe!) Hence my Dad nicknamed me Cecil.  Well, It stuck and yes, he still calls me that...;)  So when it came time to name my business, it just seemed natural...Cecil and Co was born...Cecil for me and company for those (like my hubby) helping behind the scenes.  I thought my dad would get a kick out of that!

About Cecil and Co.

Escape the world of mass produced products, at Cecil and Co. we believe in the handmade movement towards a greater appreciation for heirloom quality while offering unique vintage and handcrafted artisan goods.

Look inside and discover our products…
  • designed and handcrafted in Hill Country, TX ~ USA
  • unique handcrafted artisan and vintage treasures 
  • one-of-a-kind and very limited editions , not mass-produced
  • focused on heirloom quality craftsmanship, with high attention to detail 
  • Bespoke ~ custom made just for you!

About the Designer

Hello, I am Lisa, designer and maker behind Cecil and Co.  Specializing in artisan, my original artwork and vintage treasures that I love to gather and give new life to. Cecil and Co. was created to bring to life the visions dancing in my head, combine my love of textiles, vintage, and my passion for sculpting and the creative process.  I have been creating for as long as I can remember and can not imagine my life without it...it truly sets you free! I design and create all of the pieces myself from designing the pattern to stitching the last detail, using some of the most amazing textiles and vintage finds I have collected over the years, right here in my studio in the scenic Hill Country TX.  With over 30 years of creating and professional sewing experience, your Cecil and Co. items are very well made!
and Co...
Oh...Last, but not least...my husband Peter who is my biggest cheerleader...;) from helping me with the bookkeeping to the shipping...I simply couldn't do it without him!

Our Commitment

Made and sourced in the USA...all components are from local vendors, all in the US...if we can not find it here...we find someone to make it or make it ourselves.
My grandmother used to say..."Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." Through to the core...every time I worked on a project...I couldn't bare to see the waste! Some of our more popular designs have come together from those small pieces saved...like our patchwork knitting bags. The fabrics and supplies we use on all of the projects for Cecil and Co, either are saved or found...such as our vintage finds or our tiny adornments made from vintage pieces and parts...;)

"As a highly creative soul, following my heart and true passion of creating...I feel I am breathing new life into each piece I make and in turn with every piece you are getting a part of me as an artist." ~ Lisa
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