Saturday, March 26, 2016

Following My Bliss...

You just know when it is time...time to follow your true passion

For me, it is sculpting, this that keeps tugging at my heart! My passion for sculpting connects me as an artist more than anything I have ever created before...I look forward to see my clay come to life once again...:) I am now a proud member of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild. You can find my artist page here...My Artist Page.

I am so very honored and beyond excited to be featured in the March issue of Pretty Toys Magazine! I feel truly blessed to be included along with my awesome artist friends...:) You can purchase your copy here... 

March Edition of Pretty Toys Magazine

"Embrace" Cherub by Lisa Wroblewski

Featured Article Pretty Toys Magazine

Angel by Lisa Wroblewski

Saint Nicholas by Lisa Wroblewski

"Embrace" Cherub by Lisa Wroblewski

"Embrace" Cherub by Lisa Wroblewski

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