Thursday, August 26, 2010

Recycled Vintage Patterns

Mannequin by  BettyandMaryJean

Twinkle Lights by Everyday Beauty

Flowers by MontclairMade

Flowers by Scrappy9

Bracelet by FoundandMade

Ring by Natuure

Buttons/Magnets by KawaiiButtons

Garland by BellaFlower

Gift Tags by RepurposedAntiques

What fabulous ways to recycle your old patterns! But wait...not the good vintage patterns...of course! I am talking about the ones you no longer have a use for, but can't bare to throw away...  So many creative treasures for you to be inspired by...whether you are a shopper (visit these wonderful shops for their artwork) or one that likes DIY projects! A special thanks to Andrea at Everyday Beauty for sharing this wonderful Twinkle Lights project that would be awesome for not only the holidays, but for everyday!  I am forever many creative minds out there sharing not only their incredible work but inspiration as well! 
Now if only...I had more time...  

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