Friday, October 23, 2009

Good News, Bad News

The good news is... I finished my first set of jewelry pieces for my retail store and I took some quick photos. I've done jewelry for along time but haven't created anything in a few years. I was going to take better photos to post on my blog as promised, but I put my jewelry board up in the store(adding new in my store for the holidays)...I sold almost all of them!..

OK, so its not bad news that I sold them already, the bad news is I didn't get better photos! So here are my reference photos so you can see...I am currently working on more jewels to fill my board again!

The board I used was an old bulletin board I had laying around being unused, painted the frame and covered the cork in a great heavy woven linen...the board looks great for display, but not so good for taking photos of the jewelry. I hope you enjoy seeing how I am reusing what I have!

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